​Your 2018 Houston Springs Golf Committee:
Mission: to plan, promote, and execute events that will
enhance membership, increase participation, and
add to the enjoyment of the game.
                                Chairman & Treasurer:      Al Miller
                                             Secretary:      Jack Pettyjohn
                                               Publicity:       Mary D'Angelo-Dent
                            Committee Members:       Al​ DeLoreto and Woody Woodward
We have planned several golfing events for the year.
We decided to try moving most of our scrambles to Saturdays,
which will allow our working folks to play.
The proposed events for 2018 are as follows:
St. Patrick's Day (4-person) Scramble - Saturday, March 17th
Par 3 (4-person) Scramble - Saturday, April 21st
Memorial Day (3-person) String Scramble - Saturday, May 26th
Father's Day (2-person) Best Ball - Saturday, June 23rd
Independence Day (2-person) 6/6/6 Tournament - Wednesday, July 4th
Other tournament dates are Saturdays, August 18th,
September 1st, October 6th, and November 17th.
Formats will be announced at a later date.
Events are subject to change and more events might be added.
Come out and join us for some golfing fun this year!
The Golf Committee is looking for new members.  We usually meet once a month unless something arises that requires immediate attention, which rarely occurs. 
You do not have to be a member of the Golf Club to be on the Golf Committee. 
If anyone is interested in being a member of the Golf Committee, please call
Jack Pettyjohn at 224-4895 or Al Miller at 988-0049.
NOTE:  If you happen to have a great round of golf & do something 'spectacular'​,
like shoot your age, have a hole-in-one, etc., & you have at least two witnesses,
please let someone on the Golf Committee know so we can brag about  you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2018

Congratulations to:  

  • Dusty Rhodes, who shot his lowest round ever, a 73, on June 2nd.

  • Woody Woodward, who has been playing terrific golf consistently lately.  He has been shooting in the low 70's and is 86 years old. Then on July 14th Woody shot his lowest score ever - a 67 which earned him 41 points in the dogfight. He shot his next best score of 74 on August 11th & a 76 on August 4th.

  • Ernie Oppizzi, George Brown,  and Al Deloreto who recently played in the Gulf States Veterans Tournament in Ft. Rucker AL and won 2nd, 4th, and 6th place, respectively in the "A" Player Division.

                                                                                                   Tuesday, June 5, 2018

          The last tournament of the 2018 Golf Committee's season was 

          played on November 10th, a Veterans' Day Scramble. Twenty

          golfers came out & enjoyed cool temperatures after enduring a long

          hot summer.

The first-place team shot a 60 & consisted of George Brown, Charles Solomon & George Dickson.

The team of Ray Novakowski, Hal Black, Billy Grinstead & Richard Foskey tied with the team of Al DeLoreto, Rick Hill, Jack Pettyjohn & Don Brubaker for second-place with a 63.

Ray Novakowski and Gary Brown won closest to the pins, & Al Miller won the 50/50 pot.

                A Labor Day 2-Person Best Ball tournament was held on Saturday,    

                September 1st. The winning first-place team shot a 134 & consisted of Al

                DeLoreto, Gary Brown, Len Griffith & Amy Pike.

The second-place team of Ray Novakowski, Fred Pike, Billy Grinstead & Phil Hesemann, shot a 137.

Third-place team were Ernie Oppizzi, Bud Joyner, Charlie Solomon & Jack Pettyjohn, & they shot a 139.

Al DeLoreto won closest to the pin on #2 & George Dickson won closest to the pin on #8. Gary Brown won the 50/50 pot.

On Saturday, July 7th, a post-Independence Day 3-Person Scramble was held. Seven teams participated with the winner wa determined by regression from        hole #10. We went backwards with team scores being tied until a birdie on #7 crowned the winning team of Woody Woodward, Billy Grinstead & Al Hager. 

Second-place went to Ray Novakowski, Randy Windham & Don Brubaker.

Third-place went to George Brown, Jack Pettyjohn & Hal Black.

Closest to the pin winners were Ray Novakowski on #2 & Charley Solomon on #11. 

Dino Flores won the 50/50 pot.

                   On Saturday, June 23, golfers hit the Houston Springs golf course to                          play the annual String Scramble tournament. Five teams participated

                  & the 3 feet of string seemed to help make scores lower than usual. 

First Place - Al DeLoreto, Jack Pettyjohn, Amy Pike & Jim Drescher  - shot a 54.

Second Place - Ray Novakowski, Don Brubaker, Charley Solomon & Marcia Hesemann - shot a 56.

Third Place - Gary Brown, Billy Grinstead, Dino Flores & George Dickson - shot a 58.

Ray Novakowski won both closest to the pin prizes & George Dickson won the 50/50 pot.

Memorial Day Tournament


Even though the Golf Committee canceled the String Tournament, Gary Brown picked up the ball and ran with it and held a "Pick-Your-Own-Team" tournament on May 26th.  There were five teams and 19 players.  The winners were:

First Place - 10 under - Woody Woodward, Larry Fales, Charlie Solomon, Ron Stewart

Second Place - 7 under - Al DeLoreto, Hal Black, George Dickson

Woody Woodward won the closest to the pins - yes, all of them!                   

                                                                                                                                                                        Tuesday, June 5, 2018

      Par 3  (4-Person)  Scramble  Winners


Winners of the Par 3 Scramble held on April 21st were:               

First Place: 46 - Ernie Oppizzi, Don Brubaker, Bobby Fox 


Second Place: 49 - (3 teams tied) -

  Ray Novakowski, Dusty Rhodes, Amy Pike; 

Hal Black, Gary Brown, Mike Lobertini, Phil Hesemann;

               Al DeLoreto, Fred Pike, Jack Pettyjohn, George Dickson 


Closest to the Pin: #5 - Randy Windham                Closest to the Pin: #6 - Gary Brown 


    50/50 Winner: Al DeLoreto  


Thanks to all who played and we hope you had an enjoyable round.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 4-Person Scramble

Saturday, March 17th

                         The St. Patrick Day 4-person Scramble turned into a 3-person scramble, 

but still was a great success. The weather forecast was against us,

but we proceeded to play 18 holes of golf, with minimal raindrops. 

Two teams tied for first with a 63, but one team prevailed as the winning team

when Don Brubaker pulled #11 as the regression hole.            

First Place went to Woody Woodward, Bob Fox, and Charles Solomon. 

Second Place went to the Brown team; George, Gary, and Mary. 

Third Place was split by three teams who shot a 67. 

Ernie Oppizzi, Randy Windham, and Al Miller;

Al DeLoreto, Hal Black, and Dino Flores;

and Ray Novakowski, Al Hager, and George Dickson. 

After several tickets were drawn and no one claimed the winning ticket,

the 50/50 winner was Charles Solomon. 

Closest to the pin winners were Al DeLoreto and Mike Lobertini.  

Congratulations to all of the winners. 

The Golf Committee would like to thank all who participated in the tournament.  

Friday, May 18, 2018